Erica Penrod

Heart’s Desire – FREE IN KU
Everything changed the night she dreamt of him.

Abbie Dawson’s life would never be the same. In one vivid dream, her heart understood love beyond what was capable on this side of the pillow case.

Det...Book Details
Author : Erica Penrod
Published On : February 21, 2018
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The Chef, the Holidays & the Husband – FREE IN KU
Lexi Evans left sunny California for the snow-capped mountains of Utah in search of a new start. A professional chef by trade, Lexi is in search of a new kitchen—one that doesn’t include memories of the man who left her with a ring on her finger ...Book Details
Author : Erica Penrod
Published On : October 31, 2017
Book URL : Buy
The Horse Trainer, the Buyer, & the Bride – FREE IN KU
When Vivien McIntyre’s father purchased the horse she’d waited her whole life to train, she thought her chance had finally come to prove her ability as an elite cutting horse trainer. Instead, her father handed the position to Boone Jameson, a ho...Book Details
Author : Erica Penrod
Published On : September 4, 2017
Book URL : Buy

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