Twisted Timber – FREE IN KU
Author : Sarah Gay
Publish : December 1, 2015
Pages : 343
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Description : Based on a true story, Twisted Timber is an emotionally gripping tale. It is set in Marietta, Georgia in 1954 at the cusp of a new civil rights movement. The reader is further transported back in time to war-torn Germany during the devastation of World War II.

In 1954, Hannah is a young adult searching for answers. She came to America with stars in her eyes. No more war. No more injustice. No more Hitler, the man who sat with her and spoke to her gently.

Although her lifelong physical disability was obvious, she was not going to let it impede her chances at a new life. With the new, warm, undemanding Southern culture contrasting her own, Hannah finds herself confused about her own identity.

To complicate matters, she is confronted with something that causes her memories to enslave her mind with devastating flashbacks of war.

Hannah’s head is turned further in the direction of an art gallery owner who possesses an item which will send Hannah on a quest to find a long lost royal ancestor who may have the answers she is seeking.

Now including an excerpt of Livin' in High Cotton, a clean, historical romance novel by Jennifer Youngblood and Sandra Poole.

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