This Cowboy’s a Keeper – FREE IN KU
Author : Kimberly Krey
Publish : June 6, 2018
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Description : Keeping up with the Kellers is no easy feat, but each family member must play their part. So when her brother Jason trades his Stanford scholarship for a job as a measly ranch hand, Payton Keller must do what’s best for her high-profile Hollywood family. Just before leaving The Golden State, Payton receives undeniable evidence that her also famous fiancé is cheating, leaving her with two messes to clean up. Distraught, Payton forces her failing love to the back burner and takes the flight to Montana. There, she insists that the ranch owner—some too-handsome-for-his-own-good cowboy who doesn’t even have the decency to get fully clothed before answering a door—fire her brother. The stubborn brute tells Payton to butt out and mind her own business. Something she has no intention of doing.

Luke Branson is glad he hired Jason Keller despite his reservations. The kid is a hard worker, and nothing like the spoiled, entitled teen the tabloids make him out to be. But when Jason’s glamor-girl sister shows up one night making demands, regret finally surfaces. Beauty might get Payton far in her walk of fame, but it would do her no good here. Still, Luke doesn’t have the heart to send her packing in the dead of night, so he allows her to stay hoping she and her brother can make amends. What Luke doesn’t expect is the magnetic connection he feels toward her.

After officially breaking things off with her cheating fiancé, Payton gives into a weak moment and explores the chemistry she feels with Luke. She’s shocked to find the connection is better than anything she’s known. The country lifestyle, free of Hollywood demands, is too. But has Payton’s journey to save her brother led her to a life she’s meant to live, or merely given her a taste of something she’ll never have?

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