The Storybook Groom – FREE IN KU
Author : Sarah Gay
Publish : August 7, 2018
Pages : 123
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Description : Adrenaline meets passion in this contemporary sports romance.

Torin, a pro-football player, can’t understand why Ginny, the copper-haired beauty who drove him home from the airport, won’t give him her phone number. He sets out on a quest to impress the girl, but he needs to locate her first.

Little does Torin Godfrey know that Ginny is on her own mission. She enlists the unsuspecting NFL player to assist her, but she soon finds herself vulnerable in Torin’s strong yet peaceful arms- a potentially lethal position for them both. Will her attraction to the handsome football player cost her more than her career? Or could their missions end in a romance fit for a storybook?

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