The Redeemed Groom – FREE IN KU
Author : Taylor Hart
Publish : April 22, 2018
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Description : Sloane Kent, famous Country music star, is only in Jackson, Wyoming, for one reason: lay down the music for his next album. Since his mother passed away and his girlfriend left him, his inspiration is shot. While on a run, he witnesses what appears to be a young woman who needs help and he finds himself hopping on a Greyhound Bus headed for Las Vegas.

Hope Jones is in danger, but she does not need a celebrity super star around. When Sloane tells her a completely untrue story about running from a stalker, her nurturing side nags at her to help. Too bad he made the whole thing up! Offended, she tells him to take a long walk in the desert and leave her alone.

After, reluctantly sharing dinner with him at a bus stop, breaking down in Rawlin’s, Wyoming, and hypothesizing about having thirteen children and living in a broken down fire station together, she finds herself more intrigued with the famous Country Music Star.

When her ex-fiance tracks her down and puts both of their lives in jeopardy, Hope has to make a choice—trust in Sloane or lose everything.

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