The Protective Billionaire – FREE IN KU
Author : Christine Kersey
Publish : October 2, 2018
Pages : 320
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Description : An actress with a dangerous stalker and the billionaire who wants to protect her.

The Protective Billionaire is a clean, standalone romance novel.

In hiding from her stalker, actress Aubree Nichols holes up in her friend's mountain cabin. Then, while on a walk on the wooded property, she catches a glimpse of a man nearby. Terrified that her stalker's found her, she overreacts.

Billionaire Cameron Shah just wants to enjoy the solitude of his new mountain cabin. But when his beautiful yet baffling neighbor threatens him with a branch, he's intrigued. Too bad she won't tell him her name.

When Cameron cooks up a plan to help Aubree, she has to decide if she wants to stay in hiding forever, or if with Cameron's help, she's ready to come out of the shadows.

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