Dare to Prevail – FREE IN KU
Author : Christine Kersey
Publish : November 21, 2014
Pages : 350
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Description : Dare to Prevail is a follow-up novel to Dare to Resist, Dare to Endure, and Dare to Defy and is meant to be read after you've read those books. You can read Dare to Prevail or Dare to Oppose in any order, but it's recommended that you read Dare to Resist, Dare to Endure, and Dare to Defy first.

Morgan Campbell has always followed the rules--regular weigh-ins, only eating what she's supposed to--all in an effort to guarantee she's never noticed by the Enforcers, the people who make sure all citizens obey the law. So when a boy she's never met before tells her that Enforcers are hunting for her and that she needs to go with him, she doesn't hesitate. To her horror, she discovers that another girl named Morgan--a girl from a parallel world--has spent two months impersonating her and has made enemies in high places.

When Morgan is taken in by Nick, the leader of a resistance group, she is forced to come to grips with the destruction that has become her life. Not only are Enforcers eager to capture her, but everyone believes she is the one who has suffered at the hands of the Enforcers and then escaped not once, but twice, from the Federally Assisted Thinning Centers where the Morgan from the parallel world was locked up.

Can she get her life back? Or will she find herself paying for the mistakes of the girl who pretended to be her?

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