The Lone Warriors – FREE IN KU
Author : Daniel Banner
Publish : August 29, 2018
Pages : 68
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Description : The SEALs are back! Grab this intro to the Navy SEAL Romances 2.0, by a group of bestselling clean romance authors.

As six members of a Navy SEAL Team look ahead to the most dangerous mission of their lives, their thoughts turn to the women they left at home. When one of them suggests a pact to break up with all of them, the debate is on. Each man quickly takes a side as the arguments heat up to determine if they will face the future attached, or as Lone Warriors.

Catastrophe strikes on the mission and the men must work as a team to adapt and overcome to have any hope of making it home. Some hold out hope that someone is waiting for them, while others wish the Dear Jane scheme had never come up.

This novelette in six parts introduces each man as they each explore their hopes of love for the future.

Blaine Hammerton – fiercely loyal and deeply in love.

Baron Luzader – silent, brave, and always on top of the intel.

Logan Steele – a smart, playful computer genius.

Creed Hawk – confident, famous, and desperate to return to his sweetheart.

Maddox Easton – intelligent, well-traveled, and funny.

Jace Burns -- fearless, witty, and tough as nails.

Get acquainted with the men of the Navy SEAL Romances 2.0!

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The Fearless Warrior by Kimberly Krey

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