The Lone Star Groom – FREE IN KU
Author : Taylor Hart
Publish : August 10, 2017
Pages : 226
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Description : Texas Waters, bad boy of country music likes doing things when he wants and how he wants. He doesn’t appreciate his boss forcing him to do an up-close and personal article with The New York Times. Nor does he appreciate the hot-shot reporter who shows up at his door, demanding his time in the middle of a tight recording deadline.

Headstrong and determined, Liberty Wright only wants one thing—to cover the refugee crisis in Nigeria. Too bad her editor at the New York Times, who also happens to be her mother, won’t let her go to the conference unless she gets the dirt on Texas Waters. She hates being forced to travel to the sticks to do a puff piece on some arrogant singer almost as much as she hates country music!

When Texas fires Liberty for not knowing any of his songs, she never imagined she’d fall off a ski lift and Texas would be the one to save her. And she certainly never imagined he’d take her back to his house and give her a second chance.

As Liberty gets to know the man behind the music, she discovers she just might be interested in Texas Waters for more than just an article. After a bold decision to follow her dreams puts Liberty in grave danger and Texas scrambles to save her, Liberty is left with a choice—live her life the way her mother has always wanted her to … or trust ‘The Lone Star Groom.’

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