The Cowboy and the Billionaire’s Daughter – FREE IN KU
Author : Jennifer Youngblood
Publish : October 3, 2017
Pages : 215
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Description : **Note** This book was formerly called Heart of the Billionaire. The authors gave it a new cover and title to more accurately reflect the content of the book.

Just when Gracie, angel-in-training feels like she’s getting the hang of the angel matchmaking thing, she’s faced with the impossible task of finding love for Brooke Matthews—the snotty, entitled princess, who did everything in her power to thwart Gracie’s first assignment.

Where in the world will Gracie find a man to put up with this beauty of a beast?

Nash Rigby is a bull rider. Used to taking life by the horns, he’s willing to enter into an arrangement—a dubious arrangement—to save his father’s ranch. He’s trained to hang on for all he’s worth for eight seconds, but can this cowboy hang on to Brooke long enough to win the prize? Or, will he be able to see Brooke’s inner beauty and find the love of a lifetime?

Gracie digs in, determined to do things her way. When Sheldon, a dark angel with killer looks, floats back into her life, err … afterlife, Gracie must fight against her growing attraction to heaven’s bad boy.

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