The Christmas Girlfriend – FREE IN KU
Author : Taylor Hart
Publish : November 8, 2018
Pages : 186
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Description : He needs a date for Christmas. She needs money for a dream. Maybe they'll both get a Christmas miracle!

The handsome and kind, Mike Hamilton, doesn't want to go back to his hometown, Snow Valley, to attend his sister's wedding and spend Christmas, especially since he didn't tell anyone he got dumped two weeks ago. So when he discovers a girl standing on a roof praying, running to the top to join her doesn't feel that desperate. Too bad they both fall and she accuses him of trying to kill her.

Aspiring singer and songwriter, Zoey Harper, doesn't know who this guy is -- but she doesn't need his help. When he offers to pay her to be his FAKE girlfriend to get him out of a little situation, she immediately says no. But when she finds herself without a job, without a car, and with no money to go try out for The Voice and fulfill a life-long dream, she agrees! But ONLY kissing. And only pecks on the cheek!

She doesn't know how she finds herself making out with him to keep his ex girlfriend at bay, then cannon balling into the hot springs on his property and spilling all of her secrets. And who would have guessed that her favorite person would be his grumpy grandpa? Her lonely heart doesn't know when things started to change between she and Mike--when he ran up on the roof to save her or when she finds herself singing a song for him in front of his whole family.

When their lies fall apart, they are left with a choice--forget the past five days or get the Christmas miracle that could change their lives forever.

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