The Christmas Boyfriend – FREE IN KU
Author : Taylor Hart
Publish : October 13, 2017
Pages : 179
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Description : College student, Lacey Hamilton can’t wait to go back to Snow Valley for Christmas. Until she finds out her ex boyfriend and his new fiancé will be coming for Christmas dinner. When her crazy roommate concocts a ‘Hallmark movie’ kind of plan to pay a fake boyfriend to help her win the ex back, what can go wrong?

Dominick Carter, air force fighter pilot, only agreed to be the fake boyfriend because he found it preferable to being a pity case. But when he discovers the girl who hired him is hyper controlling and wants to call him ‘Rhett’ he has serious second thoughts—this ain’t Gone with the Wind, people! Good thing her family is cool and the town has a certain charm…they just might be able to pull off this charade after all.

After trying to keep all the lies straight, a late night in the hot springs, and a confession from the ex, it becomes apparent she never really knew the ex boyfriend after all. And after a magic Christmas day when she finds herself trying to kiss Dominick only to have him push her away…she’s really confused.

Now she has to make a choice…face that the past might have been a lie, or lose a future that could be hers.

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