The Brave Billionaire – FREE IN KU
Author : Elana Johnson
Publish : November 2, 2018
Pages : 173
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Description : A billionaire who has a love affair with his job, his new bank manager, and how they bravely navigate the island of Getaway Bay...and their own ideas about each other.

Lawrence Gladstone has always been more comfortable in his power suits and behind a desk, mentally calculating currency conversions, than he ever has with women. So he's dedicated his life to his family's finance company and has just started to learn how to relax on the pristine island of Getaway Bay.

Maizee Phelps has recently transferred to Gladstone Financial from another island branch...and another disastrous relationship with her boss. So when dark, devilishly good-looking Lawrence catches both of her eyes, she closes them, determined not to get involved with someone at work. Not again. Nope. Not happening.

When she goes hiking and gets stuck in the tropical wilderness, it's only coincidence that Lawrence is on the same trail. He's hopeless in the outdoors, but he does his best to hide that fact and put on the bravest face he can until he and Maizee can get back to civilization. Can Lawrence be brave once again and try a relationship with Maizee? Will she once again put her heart - and her job - on the line?

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