The Billionaire’s Bride – FREE IN KU
Author : Elana Johnson
Publish : October 8, 2018
Pages : 171
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Description : Two best friends, their hasty agreement, and the fake engagement that has the island of Getaway Bay in a tailspin...

Ashley Fox has known three things since age twelve: she was an excellent seamstress, what her future husband and wedding would be like, and that she'd never leave the island of Getaway Bay.

With an ill parent to take care of, Ash has fulfilled two of those things. She loves living in Getaway Bay and owning her own custom wedding dress shop while managing her mother's health. But the husband and wedding she's always dreamed of? Those seem like they're never going to happen for her.

When her best friend and beach running partner, Burke Lawson, asks her for a favor she says yes. If she'd have known he was going to ask her to be his girlfriend-for-a-night because his father insists he "settle down" before turning over the multi-billion dollar flower company to him, Ash might have said no.

Might have.

She's had a crush on Burke for a while, but he's never been serious about anyone. Ever. She knows it's part self-preservation and part facade, but she has no idea how much she's willing to jeopardize in their friendship for a shot at something more.

Burke has never told anyone about his past heart-crushing relationship, but he suspects Ash knows. She goes along with his player persona, but when he can't stop thinking about having her as his girlfriend for more than one day, he wonders if he can take this fake relationship into something real.

And when he accidentally blurts that they're engaged? Things get really interesting.

Can Burke and Ash find a way to navigate a romance when they've only ever been friends?

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