The Billionaire’s Boyfriend – FREE IN KU
Author : Elana Johnson
Publish : July 4, 2018
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Description : Can a closet organizer fit herself into a single father's hectic life? Or will this female billionaire choose work over love...again?

Owen Church has had more than his share of heartbreak, and to fill the void left in his life by his ex-wife, he manages everything at the premier hotel in Getaway Bay, tries to do the best he can with his two teenage sons, and ignores the loneliness like it's part of his job.

When Gina Jackson, founder of Classy Closets, comes to the island to spruce up the closets in the biggest suites at Sweet Breeze, Owen is smitten by her fun, flirtatious personality, and they start a secret relationship he doesn't want his boss and best friend to know about. And it's not because Owen is ten years older than Gina, or that he fears his sons aren't ready for him to be in a romantic relationship. It's because Gina is a self-made billionaire and might be more focused on her career than she is Owen.

Can Owen be content being the billionaire's boyfriend? And can Gina make room for him in her ultra-organized life, or will she miss out on a chance at true love because she's too busy making sure everything is in the right spot...except for her heart?

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