Taylor’s Football Collection – FREE IN KU
Author : Taylor Hart
Publish : August 22, 2018
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Description : Tantalizing, swoon-worthy romance in these fast-paced, Texas football romances. A collection of four, stand-alone novels. These gorgeous Titans are looking for a woman who loves them for the larger than life men they are!

The Tough Love Groom

Texas Titan quarterback, Kade Kincaid, affectionately known by his fans as Zeus, doesn't want to go to some stupid bachelor auction, and he really doesn't want some newbie PR rep babysitting him, but a crazed, supermodel stalker won't leave him alone and he needs someone to block for him.

Felicity Song has plans for her PR career, and babysitting a spoiled quarterback billionaire wasn't one of them. When he demands she 'fake' buy him at the auction or risk losing her job, she takes the assignment with one demand, she will NOT go on a date with him. Too bad Zeus is as cocky as his namesake and won't let her off the hook.

When she plans a perfectly horrible date full of activities Kade hates, she's blindsided when he agrees to actually jump out of a plane with her and even more surprised when he kisses her. Good thing she slaps him and discovers... this Greek God's flesh is just as fragile as any other mortal man.

The Second Chance Groom

Playing second string to his big brother, Zeus, of the Texas Titans, wasn't in Anthony Kincaid's life plan--Kinkaid's are never second string. But after what should have been a career-ending injury, he's happy to still be in the game. With his life in a constant state of flux, it shouldn't have been a surprise to see his first love at a PR event. When old feelings rise to the surface he finds himself kissing her ... too bad she slaps him.

As if mourning her fiancé who was killed in the line of duty wasn't hard enough, Cassidy Stone reluctantly returns to her old stomping grounds to help her dad through chemo. With everything she's going through, she doesn't need Anthony Kinkaid, the man who broke her heart at the tender age of sixteen, in her life. But when the owner of the newspaper asks if she'll do an exclusive interview on Anthony, she accepts. After all, who better to get the truth than the woman who knows all his secrets? She's objective. She is!

The Dream Groom

Scar Walker, professional football player and ex Navy Seal, only wanted to focus on getting his gym built for military vets while he was in San Diego. He didn't want to take crap from his brother, he didn't want to deal with a lippy waitress, and he really didn't want random people calling him on the phone.

Shayla Castle came to San Diego to finally live out her childhood dream. When she accidentally calls the mysterious phone number left on her table while waitressing, she never anticipated it would be the handsome jerkface soldier who chewed her out that morning. It confuses her even more when the same jerkface shows up the next night and saves her from an attacker.

She never would have imagined she and soldier boy would start talking every night and she really never imagined he would convince her to let him do her bucket list together. After a hike at Torrey Pines, a helicopter ride, and surfing at Oceanside...she finds she just might be falling for this soldier boy.

The Prince Charming Groom

Kyle Bones, ex Navy SEAL, doesn't want to be raffled off for a date at a radio station. He certainly doesn't want to attend a swanky party where his ex fiancé will be there, and he really doesn't want to take someone he doesn't know with him. But when a beautiful red head wins the date, suddenly it doesn't seem so bad.

Kennedy Dawson, doesn't believe in Prince Charming. When her roommate enters her in a radio contest, she never imagined she would win a date to Jackson, Wyoming with Kyle Bones. Sure, the guy's a hot, millionaire, but he's super cocky and a bit stalker-ish. Definitely not her type.

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