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Author : Jennifer Youngblood
Publish : August 13, 2017
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Description : A sassy Southern collection of clean, swoony romance. Includes five complete novels and a bonus selection of heartwarming short stories.

Livin’ in High Cotton (Historical Romance)

It’s never to late to learn how to live …

When a chance meeting brings her face to face with the ruggedly handsome, Harlan Rhodes, Shelby is unprepared for the feelings that stir within her. Hearts collide, quickly budding into a lasting love that will span time and space. Through a series of unfortunate events, Shelby and Harlan are separated, forcing them to lead separate lives of loneliness and frustration.

Years later, when their lives converge, old feelings rekindle, and they must decide if they will risk all to finally be together.

Forgive Me (Part 1)

Love Me (Part 2)

Two interconnecting stories about a mother and daughter—one needs a second chance at redemption and the other, a second chance at love.

What if the one thing you wanted most was the one thing you could never have? What If you’d done something so terrible that you could never go back?

Delia Reynolds has it all—money, social status, a husband that loves her. Then why is she so miserable? Why is she haunted by her past?

Delia tries to mold her daughter, Sybil, into her debutante life, but it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Needing a new life, Sybil flees the fast-paced life of Atlanta and takes her daughter to, of all places, Delia’s hometown, nearly sending Delia over the edge.

Sybil takes a job at a real estate office and unwittingly becomes entangled in an explosive battle that escalates to murder. She becomes involved in a tempestuous relationship with Kade Langston who’s everything she ever wanted in a man and more. She starts to suspect there may be more to him than meets the eye when one of the partners in the real estate group turns up dead.

Will Delia and Sybil get the second chances they so desperately seek, or will the secrets of the past destroy them?

Recipe For Love

A deliciously sweet, clean romance set in the quaint town of Honeycomb, Alabama where life is anything but serene.

Roxie Fisher must fight to save her bakery from the greedy clutches of her lifelong nemesis, Imogene West, while trying to finagle a way to keep Gus Malone, the love of her life, from falling for her spoiled but beautiful designer friend, Rose, who's determined to make Gus number four in her long line of husbands. Roxie get lots of help and unwanted advice from Bobbi, her busybody friend and Pollie, her hypochondriac sister.

Things really heat up when a scandalous secret threatens to set friendship on fire and reek havoc on the town.

Will Roxie be able to save her bakery and win the heart of the man she loves, or is her recipe for love doomed to burn to a crisp before it ever has the chance to rise?

The Perfect Catch

Quarterback Rigby 'Rocket' Breeland needs to lay low for awhile and goes back to his hometown where he runs into the girl he left behind, Scarlett Foster ... and wants a second chance at love!

Sparks fly between Rigby and Scarlett as old feelings rekindle, even though Scarlett vows she wants nothing to do with him.

When an accident threatens to destroy Rigby’s career, he and Scarlett must decide if they’re willing to sit on the sidelines and watch their dreams go up in flames or jump back in the game and land the perfect catch, which might just score them the love of a lifetime.

The Southern Fried Fix

Heartwarming stories about life in the South, such as the entertaining definition of "What Bless Your Heart Really Means.”

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