Snow Valley Romance Collection – FREE IN KU
Author : Jeanette Lewis
Publish : August 13, 2017
Pages : 434
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Description : Enjoy four sweet, small town romances in one collection!

Feels Like Love

Christmas in Snow Valley is the perfect way for April Winston to introduce her city slicker fiance, Scott Mecham, to life on a farm. If only Wade Hadley, hometown boy and high school sweetheart, will cooperate! But Wade has no intention of letting April go without a fight. This Christmas, he is determined to overcome their painful past and show April that she already has what she’s been seeking all along.

Tin Foil Tiaras

Cameron Elliott is too short and curvy to be a beauty queen, but that hasn’t stopped her from loving pageants. As a consultant for the prestigious Westbrooke Agency, Cameron can live her beauty queen dreams through her clients. And, if she can help Annalisa Drake win Miss Snow Valley, she might just be up for a promotion.

But Cameron isn’t counting on Annalisa’s big brother Kyle, who seems determined to block her every effort. At first she thinks he’s simply an overbearing jerk, then she decides he must have it out for her.

When Cameron finally uncovers Kyle's softer side and the reason for his overprotectiveness, she has to make a choice – are there things worth more than a title? Like love, for instance?

Love Coming Late

After the death of her husband, Cynthia Eddington returns to Snow Valley to start a new life with her teenagers, Jackson and Anoria. She wants to focus on her career and her family; she's not looking for romance and she's definitely not looking for love.

Single dad, Colby Schroder, works the ranch and spends time with his young daughter. When he meets Cynthia, everything clicks into place. She's the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

But can Cynthia overcome her fears about their age gap and accept that sometimes, love can come late?

Starlight Kisses

Mariah Lacoste has come to Snow Valley to help her cousin revive Artisan's Knack, a boutique on Main Street that has definitely seen better days. Yeah, the timing might not be great—a major overhaul of the store plus maid of honor duties for a wedding, all during the worst winter Snow Valley has seen in a decade—but Mariah is confident she can handle it. But can she handle Riker Carmichael, the best man and rumored player, who sets out to steal her heart?

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