Second Go-Round – FREE IN KU
Author : Erica Penrod
Publish : October 2, 2018
Pages : 115
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Description : Makayla Copeland has adjusted to life as a single mother but seeing a diamond ring on the finger of the woman he'd had an affair with, hurt in places she didn’t know existed. The thought of ever trusting—let alone loving—someone again was incomprehensible, until Makayla discovered Dawson Hooper was back in town. Dawson was the one man she could never resist.

Dawson moved his daughter to his home state after more than seventeen years away to be near his family; but, coming home means living up close with painful memories. He hadn’t realized how deeply he’d buried his feelings for Makayla until he saw her beautiful face. Years ago, Mak had been his whole world and he’d destroyed what they’d had together by leaving her without saying goodbye.

Through their daughters’ friendship, Makayla and Dawson are brought together once again. Makayla forced to face the past before she can settle into Dawson’s arms. When she discovers the secret behind his disappearance, she’ll have to decide if she can love the man Dawson is today and forgive the boy who broke her heart.

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