Romance and Renovation – FREE IN KU
Author : Erica Penrod
Publish : May 25, 2018
Pages : 129
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Description : Tori Lee walked away from her career as a successful lawyer to pursue her passion for design and decorating, much to the dismay of her family. Starring in her own MyHeartChannel, remodeling and renovating spaces filled her with satisfaction but depleted her savings account. To attract viewers and gain more substantial sponsors, Tori held a contest drawing for a thousand dollar room makeover. When Tori arrives at the home of the grand prize winner, thirteen year old Marcela Santos, the last thing she expected was Kael Santos, the girl’s father or her reaction to the gorgeous, but gruff man in front of her. She was drawn to him, unlike anything she’d ever experienced as if he’d rearranged her heart with just one glance.

Kael Santos is an overwhelmed single father of a teenage girl and owner of a local sporting goods store. His life is complicated enough and when Tori Lee shows up on his doorstep, ready to remodel his daughter’s room, he wants nothing more than to tell her to go back to wherever she came from. But he can’t and it’s not just because he doesn’t want to disappoint Marcela, there’s something about the little blonde woman and her piercing green eyes that seeps into his soul. She’s stirred up feelings he never believed he was capable of and somehow managed to add one more piece of chaos into the already crowded room in his head. Kael is determined to let Tori renovate his daughter’s room and keep her from redesigning his heart at the same time.

Tori and Kael try to deny their attraction to each other. Besides, with Tori’s meddling mother and Kael’s ex-wife, even if they both gave in and tried to create a life together, the color they chose would be vandalized by the fluorescent marks of opposing forces. There’s every reason to ignore the heart pounding and fevered rush between them. Kael’s busy raising a daughter and Tori’s trying to build a business, but what if fate becomes the designer? Does that guarantee the finished project is a love strong enough to conquer anything or anyone?

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