Refuge for the Rancher – FREE IN KU
Author : Liz Isaacson
Publish : September 26, 2017
Pages : 130
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Description : Shannon Sharpe has lots of kids to look after, and plenty of adult interaction. Being the principal at Brush Creek Elementary affords her such privileges. But she doesn't want to go home with a group of third graders or eat dinner with her teacher friends. She's all but given up on finding someone in the small Utah town, and besides, a transfer is just around the corner.

When she has to go talk to a handsome cowboy who's been semi-stalking one of her teachers, Shannon decides Grant Ford isn't all that bad. They work together on a summer school program which includes horses, and Grant makes the same deductions about Shannon.

But she's a blonde powerhouse who runs an entire school, and Grant feels inferior on many levels. Can he dig deep and rely on his faith and his friends in order to make a relationship with Shannon successful?

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