Reforming Atlanta’s Rogue – FREE IN KU
Author : Lucy McConnell
Publish : July 11, 2018
Pages : 110
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Description : This Vintage Romance is a clean contemporary Cinderella novel you can't miss.

Meet Beau Mckay, Atlanta’s blockbuster actor and self-proclaimed player. He’s known for his tough-guy roles and cleft chin but there’s more to Beau than a pretty face and taut muscles as Cindy Knight is about to find out. In an effort to save her family’s production studio, Cindy makes a bold move and sneaks in to Beau’s house party to deliver a script she wrote hoping Beau will want the lead.

Beau rescues Cindy from a group of good ol’ boys up to no good who throw Cindy into the pool as a prank. Through a series of mishaps, amazing kisses, and an incident with a stuffed grizzly bear, the two find an everlasting connection. However, Beau must rise up to the best inside himself and Cindy has to redefine her vision of family or they’ll never find their happily ever after.

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