Red Knight – FREE IN KU
Author : Daniel Coleman
Publish : May 20, 2018
Pages : 300
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Description : Red Knight is Book 2 of the Knights of Wonderland Series, and the follow up to the award-winner Hatter.

Wonderland is at peace, but barbarian enemies are gathering at the border. Sir Chism, the colorblind Red Knight of Wonderland, is most comfortable when he’s crosswise to the flow of the world. When he finds himself alone and surrounded by enemies in the barbarians’ capital, he’s in his element, as the squadron’s escape and survival depend on him.

Chism never asked to be a leader, but it’s clear that Elite leadership and tasks that determined the fate of nations are the destiny of this 16-year-old, anti-social “runt”. Just as Chism starts to figure out his leadership role, a targus appears in their camp. The cruel creature steals their dreams and holds their motivation hostage, plunging them into a dreary existence.

If Chism can’t figure out how to recover their dreams, he and his men will not only be excluded from the upcoming war, but live the rest of their lives in a gray world.

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