Married by Christmas – FREE IN KU
Author : Taylor Hart
Publish : October 15, 2018
Pages : 168
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Description : Sea shells on Christmas trees, a firefighter, and the woman who broke his heart ten years ago ... what more could you want this holiday season?

Emily Times wouldn't admit that Tom Kent was the one who got away. No, she would never admit that. Number one, because she'd turned him down. And, number two, because she didn't have time to think about the past. Until she's stuck at her boss's wedding in Maui and her boyfriend ditches her at the last minute.

When Tom Kent wins a trip to Maui, he has mixed feelings about going by himself and is over the moon happy when his professional football player takes time off to go with him. He never imagined he'd run into the woman he proposed marriage to ten years ago. And he really never imagines she would ask him to be her date for a wedding? No way!

But when his brother ends up going back to Denver and all he can think about is how bad Emily must be hurting, he makes a deal with her. He attends the wedding and she goes with him on the excursions already booked.

Neither one of them could have anticipated how it would feel to dance again. Hold hands again ... kiss again.

When old feelings start to surface, they must make a choice: trust in each other or walk away and lose the dream they always wanted.

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