The Mafia’s Secret – FREE IN KU
Author : Kimberley Montpetit
Publish : September 3, 2017
Pages : 240
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Description : Anna Hamilton’s life is becoming more complicated by the day. After her father receives a devastating cancer diagnosis, she drops out of grad school to come home while he undergoes treatments. Fortunately, she gets her old job back on a local whale tour boat—but at this rate, she’ll never get back to finishing her Marine Biology PhD. Especially with distractions like the town’s newest bachelor, Michael Madden, a businessman with gorgeous eyes who snags Anna’s attention.

Then Anna’s old college roommate, the beautiful East Coast socialite, Elise Kensington, calls with an odd request. She needs a place to lay low with her fiancé, who just happens to be an ex-Mafia member that wants out of the "family business." The young couple hope Anna and the small town of Hartland Cove can keep them hidden long enough to safely elope.

Since beautiful, quirky Hartland Cove is known for its historical Kissing Bridge, the town has also caught the eye of Hollywood and suddenly Hollywood scouts and directors are crawling all over the place. But nobody knows the town and its secret hideaways like Anna and her childhood friend, Chad Garrett, who turned from skinny teen boy to one devastatingly handsome man over the last few years.

When Chad begins to show an interest in her while confessing his own long-time secret, Anna’s feelings become more confused than ever. With paranoia over the Mafia circling closer and Anna questioning her future, this summer will be one Anna will always remember—if her heart can survive the secrets—and the truth.

If you like second chance love stories, then you’ll love THE MAFIA'S SECRET, the third title in the Secret Billionaire Romance Series.

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