Lucy’s Football Collection – FREE IN KU
Author : Lucy McConnell
Publish : September 5, 2018
Pages : 497
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Description : Football isn’t an easy sport to play but it’s even harder for these Texas Titans to find love.

The Miracle Groom

A nanny, a football player & a miracle.

Teo Parata, offensive tackle for the Texas Titans believes in miracles. He sees them every day when he looks into his son’s trusting eyes. Meeting Intern Cedar Bell at the Tiny Titan’s Football Camp was another miracle—at least he thought so, until she chewed him out for being irresponsible and rude and demanding. She may have also mentioned something about an “egotistical diva football player” but he's trying to forget that part of the conversation. When he offers to take her to dinner to make up for his mistake, she accuses him of hitting on her and storms off.

Wanting only the best for his son, Teo swallows his pride and begs Cedar to be his nanny. To his relief, she accepts the job on a temporary basis. Teo has two months to convince her to stick around. When he finds out there’s more to this woman than ocean blue eyes and a way with kids, his heart begins to truly beat for the first time since his wife passed away.

Teo puts himself on the line in every football game, taking hit after hit and giving right back, but putting his heart on the line will take more than all his muscles and determination combined—it will take a miracle.

The Warrior Groom

A princess, a football player, and the secret that has kept them apart for years.

Maia fell hard for London Wilder. She was the daughter of a woman of low standards and he was the home-town hero destined for football greatness. Their love sparked quickly and burned hot—until the night that rained heartache like a Texas hail storm.

Maia hasn’t seen London in years and certainly didn’t expect to see him at a bachelor auction she hosted as part of the promotional campaign for her first animated film. She thought the years between them would protect her from his soulful brown eyes and electric touch. She was wrong. London brought to life her long-silent heart with one touch of his gentle hand.

London agreed to be a last-minute substitution in the Titans’ annual bachelor auction to honor the memory of his grandfather, a military vet. He’s stunned to see the woman he let slip away calling out for the highest bidder. Maia chased after her dreams and became the superstar he always knew she could be. Under the layers of fame, designer clothes, and flashy jewelry, London can see the woman who set the rhythm of his heart and he wants a second chance.

As Maia and London try to reconnect, old heartaches and old enemies rise up like demons and threaten to destroy the tenderness between them. They’ll have to face their past and their present troubles to find a future together—or say goodbye one last time.

The Guardian Groom

A pro football player who falls for a bookworm.

Bree Phelts is shy, enjoys reading, and spends her free time helping her mom. Her biggest worry is figuring out a grand prize for the summer reading program. Her black and white life is splashed with color when Owen Mattox, a professional football player, asks her to step out from behind the refreshment table and dance. He’s wrong for her on so many levels but just what her heart needed to wake up.

Devastated when he’s dumped by the only woman he ever imagined marrying, Owen Mattox pulls his heart in tight and doesn’t let go. He’s worked so hard to isolate himself from love—and the pain that comes when it’s lost—that he practically a recluse. He doesn’t even hang with the other Texas Titans players and builds his home outside of Dallas for privacy. The fewer people in his life, the fewer chances of getting hurt. But he can’t deny his interest in the quiet librarian and once they dance, he’s hooked.

But Owen doesn’t open his heart easily which means Bree will have to overcome her shyness and be her own hero—instead of reading about one—in order to save the love that’s budding between them.

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