Love Overboard – FREE IN KU
Author : Sarah Gay
Publish : January 15, 2018
Pages : 134
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Description : Kai Terrence could have his pick of women, but when he rescues Ariana Armstrong, an intelligent, fun-spirited environmental researcher who has fallen overboard, his definition of love may need recalibrating because her kisses take him to uncharted waters.

Ariana, content with the routine of research on tree frogs in the Costa Rican cloud forest, did not expect the tropical cyclone Kai unleashes on her life. Caught up in the romance and the love Kai so freely offers, Ariana's world shifts. While visiting Kai's family, she discovers that Kai has plans to destroy part of her forest and build a resort. Her heart and soul is in that forest. If she can't convince Kai to change his development, then she'll have to walk away from the love she's been searching for her whole life.

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