Kisses Over Candlelight – FREE IN KU
Author : Jennifer Youngblood
Publish : October 4, 2017
Pages : 217
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Description : **Note** This book was formerly called Candlelight Kisses. The authors gave it a new cover and title to more accurately reflect the content of the book.

As far as Alex Swanson is concerned, the best cure for a broken heart is to put your nose to the grindstone and work your fingers to the bone, until you’re so exhausted you don’t feel a blasted thing. Sure it’s lonely, but what else can you do? Alex couldn’t make Dawson Allen remain the marketing director of her health and beauty start-up company, not when he’d received a lucrative job offer elsewhere. Nor could she make him choose her over his former girlfriend.

Just when Alex reaches her breaking point with work, she receives an anonymous invitation to an all-expense-paid vacation at a charming, secluded, inn. There’s only one problem—it’s the place where she and Dawson first proclaimed their love for one another.

Imagine Alex’s surprise … and horror … when she’s checking into her room and realizes Dawson is there, having also gotten a mysterious invitation for a free mini-vacation.

Sparks fly as attraction sizzles, bringing back old hurts, but also a chance to mend a broken relationship. For this is no ordinary weekend or inn. It’s a place for second chances. A place where Alex and Dawson might just be able to set things right … with the help of a little magic from an almost-angel named Gracie, who’s desperately trying to earn her wings. Things quickly go awry, however, when Dawson’s high society fiancée shows up on the scene and threatens to ruin everything.

An unexpected snowstorm could lead to disaster … or it might just be the very catalyst needed to reunite two lost souls and help them discover that no challenge is too great for those who love.

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