Kayaks and Kisses – FREE IN KU
Author : Maria Hoagland
Publish : June 1, 2018
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Description : A “You’ve Got Mail” retelling with a twist of roasted marshmallows, pine trees, and fresh air.

Brynn Caley is about to start her dream career running an outdoor sporting goods store when an out-of-town business guru makes an offer on the property. A temporary partnership between Brynn, a ski expert, and Gage, a fishing guide, is the only way to keep the shop open year-round. She’s furious and she hasn’t even met the guy yet since he’s too busy to step out of his office and actually show up.

Through a series of innocent misconceptions and a few blatant lies while working on the construction crew updating the store, Gage manages to keep his identity as Brynn’s hated rival a secret while winning her heart.

As opening weekend looms, Gage will have to reveal his identity or lose everything he’s worked for—including the love of his life.

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