Dare to Endure – FREE IN KU
Author : Christine Kersey
Publish : December 18, 2013
Pages : 412
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Description : It is recommended that you read Dare to Resist (Parallel World Book One) before reading Dare to Endure. This description contains spoilers for Dare to Resist.

Trapped in a parallel universe where it is illegal to be overweight, Morgan Campbell is dragged out of her house and locked up in a Federally Assisted Thinning (F.A.T.) Center. Bullied by the Enforcers who run the place, and treated like a prisoner, all she can think about is breaking out so she can get back to her world. With her whereabouts constantly monitored by the chip injected in her arm, and not having any access to the outside world, she fears she won't be able to escape and that she will be stuck in this world forever.

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