Her Hollywood Fake Fiancé – FREE IN KU
Author : Taylor Hart
Publish : October 26, 2018
Pages : 172
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Description : A movie star. A drama teacher. And a jet setting trip! Will they get a Christmas Miracle?

Grant Kent, movie star extraordinaire, hates the fake 'media' relationship with his co-star to keep his movie producer's happy. And he really doesn't like his brothers giving him grief about it. So when he's asked to help with an acting camp for inner city kids, he jumps at the chance to do something real. Too bad the woman in charge tells him outright she thinks he's a hack.

The talented Jewel Olympia wants to help inner city kids by giving them an opportunity to learn acting skills. When she's notified the week before Christmas that the P.I. she's hired to track down her birth mother has a solid lead, she decides it's time to finally meet the woman that abandoned her in a hospital parking lot twenty-five years ago. Too bad an amazing looking movie star keeps asking her for a date--bug off, she's unavailable.

When Jewel's parents show up on her doorstep asking where she's going, she tries to distract them with Grant's star power to avoid hurting their feelings. When he blurts out he's her fiancé, everything gets derailed and she finds herself jet setting to Jackson. This is not her life!

When a simple trip turns into a media frenzy, they're left with a choice--trust in Christmas angels or lose everything.

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