Heart and Soul – FREE IN KU
Author : Erica Penrod
Publish : July 4, 2018
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Description : Life was slow and predictable in Greyson, Idaho, for seventeen-year-old Halle Quade—until the first day of her senior year of high school. The moment she saw the new guy, Landon Doyle, something inside her shifted. But by the end of the day, Halle talked herself into wanting nothing to do with his movie-star looks and athletic physique…until she dreamt of him.

Landon was drowning. Over a year ago, a tragic accident shattered his family and the only way to tread the through the ocean of sorrow was to fill his life with one meaningless relationship after another. Never letting anyone in, always moving on before he felt something real, Landon came to Greyson with no intention of changing. And then he saw Halle. She was a familiar stranger, a long-ago childhood friend, and one look at her kindled an ember deep within him and he dreamt of her. When he woke, he longed to hold the girl in his dreams. The only problem was, the real Halle didn’t like him much at all.

Abbie Quade, of all people, understands the power of dreams perpetuated by God and angels to bring souls together. The first time she saw her husband Caleb was in a dream. So, when she suspects her daughter, Halle, experienced something as life altering as Abbie had all those years ago, her heart is burdened with confusion. She wants her daughter to be happy, to find her soulmate, but what if Abbie is wrong? Does she confide in her daughter, tell her about the dreams that forever bound her heart to Caleb’s or does she let Halle find her own way?

Abbie was only seventeen when she met Caleb and fell irrevocably in love; but nothing she experienced can help her, not when it’s her daughter’s heart on the line.

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