Hawaii Billionaire Romance Collection – FREE IN KU
Author : Jennifer Youngblood
Publish : July 12, 2018
Pages : 1283
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Description : Tantalizing suspense meets clean romance in this collection of seven stand-alone, complete novels. Six are set in exotic Hawaii and one in lush wine country.

Love Him or Lose Him

When her father dies suddenly, Samantha Fairchild gets engaged to an uptight, controlling billionaire in order to save the family from financial ruin. Samantha accompanies her fiancé to Hawaii while he’s conducting a business deal. A chance encounter with a free-spirited surfer with dreamy eyes and a quick smile throws her into a tailspin.

Caught between forbidden love and loyalty, Samantha has everything to lose. Will she choose money and security, or will her heart win out in the end?

Love on the Rocks

Artist and playboy Liam Barclay has just realized he’s in love with his best friend Maurie. There’s only one problem—she’s engaged to someone else, a savvy art dealer whom Liam suspects may be too good to be true.

As events climax to a heart-pounding frenzy, Liam must fight for the woman he loves while trying to convince her that his heart is true.

Love on the Rebound

When Everly Watson goes to Hawaii, she never expects to meet Christian Ross, a famous movie star who’s living a life of solitude on the island.

Sparks fly as Everly and Christian have an instant attraction, but Everly’s complicated past soon catches up to her.

Can Christian and Everly’s newfound love withstand the growing obstacles? Or are they doomed to keep reliving the heartaches of the past?

Love at the Ocean Breeze

When his sister goes missing in Hawaii, TV Reality Star Trevor Spencer hops a plane and goes to find her. A chance meeting with Kat, a glamorous and smart single mother, ignites a spark that kindles into a whirlwind romance. But things are not as idyllic as the picturesque island around them, for Kat is harboring secrets that could not only hinder Trevor’s investigation into his sister’s disappearance, but also destroy any chance of a lasting relationship between her and Trevor.

Love Changes Everything

When Indigo Quinn goes to college in Hawaii, she never expects to meet Keoni Alana, former championship surfer who sweeps her off her feet with his charisma and piercing eyes. Indigo is drawn into Keoni’s enchanting world, but things take a darker turn when Indigo unwittingly becomes the pawn in a web of deceit as Keoni rushes to save her.

Loving the Movie Star

Rising actor Blade Sloan is getting a chance to star in a blockbuster action film, but a stalker could destroy everything he’s worked hard to achieve. Blade’s life takes an upward swing when he meets Dani Fairchild, a feisty food blogger, in a most unexpected way. Can Dani and Blade find a strong enough love to sustain them in the face of danger? Or will the stalker win in the end?

Love Under Fire (A companion book to the series)

Rising star Peyton Kelly has her own remodeling show on HGTV. But when her mother dies suddenly, Peyton becomes a partial owner of the rundown bed and breakfast that’s been in the Kelly family for three generations. In a cruel twist of fate, Carter Webster her former fiancé purchases the other half. Peyton wants to revitalize the bed and breakfast, but Carter’s determined to tear it down and build an exclusive resort in its place.

Can Peyton and Carter put aside old grudges and yield to the desires of their hearts, or will the secrets of the past consume them?

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