Hart to Heart – FREE IN KU
Author : Chelsea Hale
Publish : April 22, 2018
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Description : Love is her profession—but the one who blames her for his broken engagement just might change her view on love.

Sydney Hart is good at love. That’s what her popular MyHeartChannel says anyway. She’s always trending as she gives out relationship advice and date ideas each week as she focuses on helping others find love and romance. She has little time to help in her parents’ restaurant—the best BBQ place in South Carolina, that with a little help could be a successful franchise.

Mark Atwater is the best business consultant in all of South Carolina, or at least he was until his breakup knocks the wind out of his sails. He blames the MyHeartChannel star, Sydney, for giving his now ex-fiancée bad advice.

When he relocates to Charleston to help a new client, sparks fly when he runs into Sydney. He can’t back out of the job—this is his chance to prove to his business partner that he’s serious—and seriously over his ex-fiancée interfering with his job.

Sydney has dreamed of franchising, but she won’t be able to convince them without outside help, and Mark is the best. Both of them will have to figure out a way to work together if they want to achieve their dreams.

Too bad working together means sharing an office. When Mark decides to help Sydney with her MyHeartChannel he gets more than he bargained for, and Sydney is in over her head, wishing she could give herself objective love advice when her heart is on the line.

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