Caught Looking – FREE IN KU
Author : Lucy McConnell
Publish : May 30, 2018
Pages : 182
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Description : Because she knows what it’s like to be homeless, Clover Maes does all she can for the homeless community in St. George. When she spots a man in dirty clothes, with a beard down to his chest, she decides to help. Drawn in by his silent strength and clear eyes, she offers him an essentials bag and tells him there are people who care and want to help him get back on his feet.

Dustin Colt, shortstop for the St. George Redrocks Baseball Team, was in bad shape on the field. Apparently he was in such bad shape that he looked like a homeless man. With the embarrassment of Clover’s insinuation heavy on his mind, he argues with the do-gooder and then plays his best game of the season. Thinking he’s found the key to hitting doubles, Dustin goes out of his way to argue with Clover every chance he gets.

Clover can't seem to shake the determined baseball player and she can’t tell Dustin to head to the outfield and stay there because he’s donating a large sum to the local soup kitchen where she volunteers. She has to play nice—even if that means playing catch with the hot-shot ball player at midnight on a deserted golf course. In the wee hours of the morning, Dustin's true nature comes out taking Clover off guard. The more Clover learns about baseball, the harder she falls for the game, for the short stop, and for the Redrocks.

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