Beloved in Blue – FREE IN KU
Author : Elana Johnson
Publish : July 30, 2018
Pages : 310
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Description : A widowed park ranger, her twelve-year-old son, and the Chief of Police who's secretly kept an eye on both of them... Love's second chance on the beach!

Janey Germaine is tired of entertaining tourists in Olympic National Park all day and trying to keep her twelve-year-old son occupied at night. When long-time friend and the Chief of Police, Adam Herrin, offers to take the boy on a ride-along one fall evening, Janey starts to see him in a different light.

Adam has had a crush on Janey since college. But she married his best friend and started a family before her husband died in a ferry fire. Since then, he's been hiding his feelings and biding his time because of Jess, Janey's son. But as he and the boy spend more time together, he wonders if maybe they're all finally ready to move on...including Janey.

Do Adam and Janey have the courage to take their relationship out of the friend zone?

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