Bachelor Billionaire Romance – FREE IN KU
Author : Taylor Hart
Publish : August 6, 2018
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Description : Tantalizing romance in this collection of 5 contemporary, Billionaire Romances! Don't miss out on the 5 original members of a philanthropic billionaire's club that specializes in helping people and winning the hearts of the women who find them irresistible!

The Football Groom

Cameron Cruz, quarterback for the Denver Storm, doesn't expect to meet a beautiful woman in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, while he's grieving a major life loss. But a spunky river guide blitzes him when she doesn't know who he is. Katherine Foster only wanted one thing this summer--to finish her dissertation and spend some time on the river. She never anticipated getting stuck taking the cocky, arrogant Cameron Cruz on a privately guided rafting trip. When her ex boyfriend shows up and asks her to marry him, Kat's left with a choice--get what she wants...or pick Second String.

The Country Groom

Billionaire Montana Crew, country music superstar, thought he'd put the cheating best friend and ex-fiancé in the past. When the ex appears backstage bearing the news of his friend's death and thrusting an envelope in his hands, he's shocked and a little annoyed.

Lily Ray Gold, L.R. Gold to her associates at the law firm, doesn't want to deliver the envelope with her best friend's last wishes. Nothing could have convinced her to look the 'King of Country' in the eye again...except Jason. She'd do it and she wouldn't lie, telling Montana she was finally done with him would feel awesome!

The Unfinished Groom

Lucky--that's how Hunter James would describe himself. Even while growing up dirt poor on a farm in Texas. Even when he'd found himself in a war zone in Afghanistan. Even before he'd struck it rich in oil and then won the forty acres of horse property in Jackson, Wyoming. He'd always known he'd be rich someday. That's how life went when you decided to make your own luck. Summer Kingston left Jackson ten years ago...for a reason. She came back with the hope of raising her son in a safe environment, but the deck seems stacked against her, especially when she gets fired on her first day of work and then faced with a threat against her inherited land. When Hunter James offers to help on one condition: she go on a date with him. She's seen the media coverage and refuses to be his latest fling but to keep the land, she's willing to call his bluff.

The Barefoot Groom

After London Bridge--yes, her mother really named her that--gets assigned by her magazine to expose the relationship guru, Cooper Harrison, as a fraud--she refuses. Until her boss threatens to fire her. Who is this man and why does he always walk around without shoes? Cooper Harrison doesn't care how many times his billionaire friends bug him about dating again...he's not ready. So what if he teaches others how to have fulfilling relationships? Maybe he should quit.

The Masquerading Groom

When Sterling Pennington, movie star/billionaire extraordinaire, gets stuck with a paid date at a masquerade party...he's not happy. Too bad his agent doesn't want the press to think he's lonely after the pretend break up with his latest co-star. The arrangement makes him feel like a loser, until he sees the woman in the sequined dress. Sayla Jones made it clear she would only take this date if the egocentric movie star knew he got three hours before she turned into a pumpkin. That's all. She never imagined she might actually connect with him, or that he would kiss her. Good thing she slapped him for good measure. When Sayla confesses she believes they are too different to make it work, Sterling is faced with a choice--fight for her or live alone in the world of masks forever.

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