After – FREE IN KU
Author : Christine Kersey
Publish : July 29, 2014
Pages : 460
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Description : After is a follow-up novel to Gone, Imprisoned, and Hunted and is meant to be read after you've read those books. You can read After or The Other Morgan in any order, but it's recommended that you read Gone, Imprisoned, and Hunted first.

Morgan is thrilled to be back in her world with her family, and is ecstatic that Billy is by her side. Ready to settle into her life and to show Billy how wonderful her world is, Morgan becomes alarmed when a government official makes an unexpected announcement at her school.

Billy loves the freedom in his new world, and especially admires Morgan's family. However, the more time he spends with them, the more he yearns for a family of his own.

Will Morgan and Billy come to terms with the world they live in now, or will they be forced to sacrifice what's most important to them?

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