A Snow Valley Romance Collection – FREE IN KU
Author : Taylor Hart
Publish : July 30, 2018
Pages : 659
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Description : Fall in love with Snow Valley all over again!

This collection includes love stories about the original Snow Family who settled the Valley! There are two Christmas stories, along with first loves and second chances! Don't miss this magical town.

The Christmas Eve Kiss

Molly O'Hare gets the utterly ridiculous prediction that she will kiss her true love on Christmas Eve. But when she returns to Snow Valley and comes face to face with Kevin Snow, suddenly the kiss thing seems...a lot less ridiculous. Too bad the reason she left still has the power to make her deny her real feelings. Now Molly is left with a choice--forget the home town and the boy that she never quit loving or let Christmas work out a miracle all on its own.

First Love

Janet Snow didn't understand why getting caught in a full-blown make out session with the first boy she'd ever kissed meant anything. It didn't. Michael Hamilton only knew one thing...coming back to Snow Valley to see Janet had been the best decision he'd made in a very, very long time. When Michael finds out Janet hid the fact that she'd almost died of cancer and when Janet discovers Michael wanted to marry her, they both have to make a decision--learn to trust again or miss out on the first love that could be their last.

The Bet

When Destiny Morningstar gets blackmailed into spending her spring break in Snow Valley, the last thing she's looking for is a date, especially not with Adam and Chase Moon--two attractive and athletic brothers. But soon she finds herself tangled up in a dating spree that includes a flag football game, swinging around the barn dance, and hiking to Snow Valley's romantic hot springs with the town's most eligible bachelors. When she discovers she's been part of some bet fueled by sibling rivalry and overactive egos she has to make a decision--forgive them both or miss out on the best thing that's ever happened to her.

The Better Man

Chase Moon hates weddings--but a guy can't avoid his brother's marriage so he's got to man up and show up. Autumn Lane has a plan in life and it doesn't include her ex fiance or some ex bronc rider thinking he has to protect her. When she's forced to work with Chase Moon, she never imagined she'd flying to LA, contestants on The Price is Right, and end up in each other's arms under a moonlit sky. Too bad just when things are starting to come together with the business and between she and Chase...the ex fiance threatens Chase with assault charges. Chase hates the idea of Autumn with her ex, but he has a choice to make--trust his instincts or only wish he was the better man.

The Christmas Boyfriend

Aspiring dancer and choreographer, Lacey Hamilton, can't wait to go back to Snow Valley for a traditional family Christmas and a chance to heal her broken heart. Until she finds out her ex boyfriend and his new fiancé will be coming for Christmas dinner. When her crazy roommate concocts a 'Hallmark movie' kind of plan to hire a fake boyfriend to win him back, she's desperate enough to go through with it. Dominick Carter, an air force fighter pilot, took the job as fake boyfriend to avoid a lonely and pathetic Christmas holiday. When he discovers the girl is hyper controlling, doesn't have a plan, and wants to call him 'Rhett' he has serious second thoughts--this ain't Gone with the Wind, people! After trying to keep all the lies straight, a late night in the hot springs and a confession from the ex, everything seems to be falling apart ... until she finds herself kissing Dominick. Now she has to make a choice...face the lies of the past or trust in a man she barely knows and get a future that might just be the Christmas miracle she's been looking for.

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