A Fiancé for the Firefighter – FREE IN KU
Author : Liz Isaacson
Publish : June 19, 2018
Pages : 127
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Description : A firefighter desperate to be a hotshot, the Fuller who wants to leave the family business, and their journey toward happily-ever-after.

Cora Wesley comes to Brush Creek, hoping to get some in-the-wild firefighting training as she prepares to put in her application to be a hotshot. When she meets Brennan Fuller, the spark between them is hot and instant. As they get to know each other, her deadline is constantly looming over them, and Brennan starts to wonder if he can break ranks in the family business.

He's okay mowing lawns and hanging out with his brothers, but he dreams of being able to go to college and become a landscape architect, but he's just not sure it can be done. Will Cora and Brennan be able to endure their trials to find true love?

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