A Cowboy’s Proposal – FREE IN KU
Author : Lucy McConnell
Publish : October 2, 2017
Pages : 216
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Description : Tragedy strikes the Lime Peak Ranch.

Lime Peak Ranch is home to the Dumont and Ruggles families who raise cattle, train horses, and compete in PRCA rodeos. Life down the dirt road isn’t as perfect as it seems and secrets have roots deeper than the maple trees.

Bonnie Ruggles has to leave the Lime Peak Ranch but her marriage is in pieces scattered from the house to the barn. Dallas isn’t speaking to her, his hurt bigger than any words. When tragedy strikes, Bonnie is called home to be with her husband. Their relationship is changing and only by revealing the truth can they start anew. Tearing up secrets with roots this deep can cause more damage than these two might be able to handle.

Ellie Dumont Labrum should be living in wedded bliss, but with the death of his father, Logan pulls farther and farther away. Missing the closeness they’d barley glimpsed, Ellie tries desperately to pull her husband out of his grief.

Porter Dumont is destined for greatness. He sells his plot on Lime Peak Ranch—his inheritance—and leaves the ranch and family behind to chase the music to Nashville. If he can make this work, he’ll be the biggest name to come out of the ranch.

George and Carol Dumont struggle to make a new life out of the ashes of their old love. They want the same things, but Carol has to trust—a task that isn’t easy when she’s been singed. If she can find confidence in her new situation, their love can finally be free from the fears that hold them back.

Olivia Dumont is falling in love with Dr. Robert Canton. They would be a perfect fit if it weren’t for the fact that he is leaving at the end of the month. Not wanting to give him an ultimatum, Olivia steps back from their budding relationship. But without incentive to stay, Robert struggles to decide if he and his son, Jax, should go back to Seattle or make a home on the ranch.

Follow this family full of heart and love and loyalty as they work to navigate the revelation of long-buried secrets, bitter disappointments, new and old love, and trust in the third book in the Lime Peak Ranch series.

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