A Brand New Ball Game – FREE IN KU
Author : Lucy McConnell
Publish : September 17, 2018
Pages : 161
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Description : When Ashley Wilson took the job as recreations director for Echo Ridge, she knew there would be a learning curve. What she wasn’t expecting was the strong and confident coach, Travis Clarke who makes demands on the budget and her heart. What started out as an opportunity to get away from her ex turns put her right in Travis's path.

Travis Clarke is happy coaching the city and high school baseball teams and living the bachelor life in Echo Ridge. He doesn’t want to complicate things by falling in love; but, the new recreations coordinator is too much of a temptation. She's vibrant and funny and she looks beautiful--even with an accidental black eye.

When Ashely’s nephew, a star pitcher for the high school baseball team, gets into trouble, Ashely and Travis come together to help him out. But, can their intense attraction and ability to work through a crisis carry them through the season or will they forfeit the game to protect their hearts?

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